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We are Networking and Security Training & Solutions Company

Sec-Concepts Networks (formerly A2O Consulting in 2008) was incorporated in 2010 to provide training and employable skills directly to individuals, individuals from corporations, and government agencies. Classes will be held at the facility and also onsite at corporate and government locations



There has always been a debate about how important IT certifications really are. Some believe certifications prove that an IT professional is knowledgeable but may not prove how well they can actually do the job. However, certifications provide the knowledge needed to gain experience and validate skills to potential/current employers. And in the current economy, certifications are an increasingly important tool for building skill levels, improved marketability and career opportunities.

The problem isn’t that there is no ICT knowledge or lack of ICT education in Nigeria, but the challenge is that only few follow the right approach to delivering ICT education. Nigeria is more an ICT consuming nation, not a producing one. Our aim is to breach the gap and make more professionals who in no time become a good ICT consumer, and a better ICT producer.

“ICT is an empowering tool, which when appropriately utilized, leads to an increase in productivity and prosperity at the individual, organizational, societal, national and global levels. It becomes a powerful enabler in Education, assisting both the Teacher and the Learner”